Stockhausens' Joy

"Two harpists play and sing words from a medieval hymn in what is one of the most striking and beautiful of Stockhausen’s late creations." - London Southbankcentre (2008)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 - 2007) has written "Freude für Zwei Harfen" (2005), also known as "Joy", for harpists Esther Kooi and Marianne Smit. Freude is currently being performed by Marianne Smit and Miriam Overlach. Stockhausen explains Freude in this article.

StockhausenFreude (Joy) is a 40-minute piece, combining two diatonic harps into one chromatic instrument. The fact that the harpists double as vocalists completes the synergy. Freude premiered in the Duomo of Milan in 2006.

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